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Expat ‘Hotspots’ in the Netherlands

Discovering the Netherlands' expat landscape unveils a diverse range of hotspots. Amsterdam, with its international allure and cultural richness, stands as a perennial favorite. Rotterdam attracts expats seeking modern living and innovation, while The Hague's diplomatic atmosphere draws professionals in international law and diplomacy. Utrecht's central charm and Eindhoven's tech hub status offer alternative experiences. The Netherlands, with its blend of tradition and modernity, ensures expats find their ideal home in cities catering to various preferences and lifestyles.

The Netherlands, with its picturesque canals, vibrant cities, and open-minded culture, has become a sought-after destination for expatriates from around the globe. Whether drawn by career opportunities, the high quality of life, or the welcoming atmosphere, expats in the Netherlands find themselves navigating a unique blend of tradition and modernity. One of the first questions many expats ask is, “Where do most expats live in the Netherlands?” In this article, we’ll explore some of the popular expat hotspots across the country.

  1. Eindhoven: Tech Hub and Innovation Center

For expats with a focus on technology and innovation, Eindhoven in the southern part of the Netherlands is a prime choice. Known as the “Brainport” region, Eindhoven is a hub for technology and design. Expats often find themselves in neighborhoods like Strijp-S, where a blend of modern living spaces and cultural activities align with the city’s innovative spirit.

  1. Amsterdam: The International Hub

Amsterdam, the capital city, is a perennial favorite among expats. With its iconic canals, historic architecture, and a thriving cultural scene, it’s no wonder many choose to call this city home. Expats often find themselves drawn to neighborhoods like De Pijp, Zuid, and Jordaan, where a mix of international flair and Dutch charm creates a unique living experience. Amsterdam’s international schools and a plethora of job opportunities also contribute to its appeal.

  1. Rotterdam: Modern Living and Innovation

Rotterdam, known for its modern architecture and bustling port, is another hotspot for expats. The city’s post-war reconstruction has given rise to a contemporary skyline that attracts those seeking a more cutting-edge living experience. Expats often choose neighborhoods like Kralingen or the city center, where the innovative spirit of Rotterdam is palpable. The city’s commitment to sustainability and cultural diversity adds to its allure.

  1. The Hague: Diplomacy and International Flavor

As the political capital of the Netherlands, The Hague is a natural magnet for expats, particularly those working in international law, diplomacy, and non-governmental organizations. The city boasts a rich cultural scene, historic architecture, and a variety of international schools. The neighborhoods of Benoordenhout and Statenkwartier are popular among expats for their proximity to international organizations and amenities.

  1. Utrecht: Central Charm and Proximity

Utrecht, with its central location, historic canals, and lively atmosphere, has also become a favored destination for expats. The city offers a more relaxed pace compared to Amsterdam but still provides a vibrant urban experience. The city center, Oud-Zuilen, and Vogelenbuurt are among the neighborhoods appreciated by the expat community. Utrecht’s strategic position in the country makes it an ideal base for exploring other parts of the Netherlands.


Choosing where to live in the Netherlands as an expat depends on various factors, including job opportunities, lifestyle preferences, and family needs. Each city has its unique charm, from the historic canals of Amsterdam to the modern architecture of Rotterdam and the diplomatic atmosphere of The Hague. Utrecht and Eindhoven provide alternative experiences, catering to those seeking a more central or tech-focused lifestyle. Ultimately, the Netherlands offers a diverse range of options for expats, ensuring that everyone can find their ideal home in this welcoming country.

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